Visually Impaired Awareness Photo Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
Price  £6.00
Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Visually Impaired Awareness Photo Medical ID Alert Card

Personalised Visually Impaired Awareness Photo ID Cards: Making Easier Daily Life for the Partially Sighted

Living with visual impairment is a constant adaptation to a world primarily designed for those with perfect sight. Whether partially sighted or entirely blind, visually impaired individuals must develop unique strategies to navigate daily life, often encountering misunderstanding or indifference from others.

To alleviate some of these challenges, our Visually Impaired Awareness Photo ID cards have been created as a discreet and effective way to communicate your needs. These cards, personalised with your photo, name and two emergency contacts, are the same size as a regular credit card. They fit easily into a purse or wallet and can be a valuable aid when you require assistance with shopping, transportation, or any other daily task.

Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the biodegradable plastic used in these cards.

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