Heart Condition Awareness Photo Medical Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Heart Condition Awareness Photo Medical Card

The Card Project UK: Essential Heart Condition Medical Photo ID Cards

Heart conditions, encompassing a wide array of ailments from congenital heart defects to heart disease, significantly impact a person's life. Daily activities require careful management of the condition, with specific routines, medication regimens, and the potential for sudden onset of symptoms requiring immediate medical attention.

A Heart Awareness Medical Card is an important part of managing this lifestyle. It offers a means to relay critical information to first responders, especially in situations where you may be alone or unable to communicate. This card tells others you have a heart condition, helping to ensure prompt, appropriate treatment during an emergency.

The Heart Awareness Medical Cards are designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, matching the dimensions of a standard credit card. This allows for easy storage in a wallet or purse. Each card is personalized with the holder's photo and name on the front, providing immediate identification, and contains two emergency contacts on the back, facilitating quick communication with your loved ones in an emergency.

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