Diabetes Insulin Dependent Mono Medical ID Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Diabetes Insulin Dependent Mono Medical ID Card

Your Trusted Provider of Insulin Dependent Diabetes Cards

The broad awareness about Diabetes often overlooks the specific actions required during a diabetic episode, leaving many uncertain about how to respond. To address this, we've introduced the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Awareness card. It outlines clear steps to take if the cardholder presents signs of confusion, behaves incoherently, appears drowsy, sweaty, or in the extreme, falls unconscious.

Apart from being a guide in crisis management, the card also highlights the cardholder's dependency on insulin – a crucial fact for healthcare workers to know, especially in hospital scenarios. With the dimensions of astandard credit card, these cards can be conveniently tucked into a wallet or purse. Made from biodegradable plastic, they reflect our devotion to the environment. For added security, they are personalised to display the holder's name on the front, with two emergency contacts on the reverse.

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