Doctor ID Card, Cosplay, Film and Television Prop - (Double sided)
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Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Doctor ID Card, Cosplay, Film and Television Prop

Personalised Prop Doctor's ID Card – The Perfect Accessory for Medical Themed Cosplay, Film & Television

Looking to inject a dose of authenticity into your Cosplay, Film, or Television productions? Or perhaps you're planning to host a medical-themed fancy dress party or simply entertain your friends as a top surgeon? Whatever your reason, this personalised Prop is exactly what the doctor ordered!

With a double-sided design, magnetic strip, and signature strip on the back, this ID card is more than just a prop. Personalise the front with your image, name, expiry date, and even your own Medical Field like 'Chief of Surgery' or 'Pediatric Specialist.' This customised Doctor's ID Card will make you feel like you've just stepped out of a hit medical drama.

Designed to the standard credit card size, 86mm by 54mm (3.38 inches by 2.13 inches), this card is perfect for carrying in your pocket wherever you go. Whether you're using it for Cosplay, Film, Television, or just for fun, this Prop Doctor's ID Card is the perfect accessory to showcase your imaginative and creative side.

Don't miss your chance to embrace the medical profession, albeit fictitiously, with this exciting Prop Doctor's ID Card. Order yours today!

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