EASA Drone Identification Card - (Double sided)
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Show Your Drone is EASA-Registered with Our Two-Sided Identification Card

In an era where drones are becoming increasingly popular across Europe, aligning with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines is non-negotiable. EASA mandates that drones weighing over 250 grams or having a camera must be registered. Ignoring these regulations could mean facing severe financial penalties or legal issues.

Why Choose The Card Project UK's EASA Drone ID Card?

Our double-sided EASA Drone Identification Card is an essential tool for any drone operator who wants a simple yet effective way to demonstrate compliance with EASA rules. Although it's not an official permit, this card is handy when questioned by law enforcement and provides an immediate reference to your ID number.

Front Side Features:

  • Fits conveniently into your wallet (credit card dimensions)
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable plastic material
  • Shows:
    • Your photograph
    • Full name
    • Date of expiry
    • EASA ID number

Rear Side Features:

  • Magnetic and signature strip for added functionality
  • Reiteration of your photograph and name
  • Statement confirming completion of EASA registration

Getting Registered in the EU to Fly a Drone:

For those in any of the 27 EASA countries, including the likes of Germany, France, and Italy, visit the specific EASA drone registration site for that nation.

  • Complete the mandatory forms
  • Pay any required charges
  • Get your unique ID number post-registration

EU Drone Flight Zones:

  • Open spaces away from crowds and private property
  • Maximum altitude of 120 metres
  • Steer clear of airports and restricted areas
  • Maintain a line of sight at all times

UK vs Europe: Are the Drone Rules Similar?

In Europe, the EASA sets out a base level of rules that every member country follows. These include registering your drone and taking an online test. But if you're in the UK, you've got some extra steps. You'll need both an operator ID and a flyer ID from the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The operator ID is for whoever owns the drone, and the flyer ID is for whoever is flying it. So, while EASA countries often just have one ID number, in the UK, you need two. Make sure to check local laws in each European country and in the UK, as they can add more restrictions like where you can fly.

Flying Your Drone in the UK with an EASA Licence: What You Need to Know About Additional CAA Requirements

Flying in the UK with an EASA Licence: Is It Possible? Yes, you can use your EASA drone licence to fly in the UK. However, the UK has its own set of rules, and you'll also need to get a couple more IDs from the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA requires you to have both an operator ID, which is for the person who owns the drone, and a flyer ID for the person who will be controlling it. So even if you have an EASA licence, you'll need these extra IDs to fly your drone in the UK legally.

How to Obtain Your Double-Sided EASA Drone ID Card?

Obtaining your double-sided EASA Drone ID Card is a straightforward process. When you're ready to make the purchase, simply click on the 'buy it now' button. You'll then be guided through a user-friendly process where you can upload the necessary details. This includes your photograph, full name, the date your card will expire, and your EASA Identification Number. What's more, we offer a preview feature that allows you to see exactly what your card will look like before you confirm the purchase. This way, you can double-check all your information and make sure everything looks just right before you go ahead and buy.

Remember, always fly responsibly and keep your double-sided EASA Drone ID Card accessible.

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