FND Awareness Mono Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  FND Awareness Mono Medical ID Alert Card

Navigating FND with The Card Project UK Medical ID Cards

Functional Neurological Disorder, or FND, is a brain-related condition that is known for causing a variety of symptoms. This may include limb weakness, chronic pain, overwhelming fatigue, and in some instances, seizures. Individuals living with FND often have to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate these symptoms.

Our FND Medical Awareness Card is a useful tool that aids in managing this condition. In the event of an emergency, it serves as a quick, concise method of conveying your condition to first responders. This can result in more informed and appropriate care.

The card also acts as an In Case of Emergency (ICE) card. This means that not only does it bear your name on the front, but it also includes the contact details of your designated emergency contacts on the reverse side, allowing for swift communication in urgent situations.

The dimensions of the card match that of a standard credit card, making it a convenient addition to your purse or wallet. It's designed to be easy to carry and easy to use. Made from biodegradable plastic, the card aligns with our dedication to environmental sustainability.

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