FND Awareness Cards

FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) Awareness Medical ID Alert Cards

Functional Neurological Disorder, commonly known as FND, is a complex condition affecting the nervous system. FND can lead to a wide range of symptoms such as movement disorders, seizures, speech issues, and sensory problems. The condition can be profoundly disruptive, making routine activities difficult and impacting a person's social interactions and overall quality of life.

At The Card Project UK, we acknowledge the struggles faced by those living with FND. Our goal is to provide practical tools that help individuals manage these challenges, and our FND Awareness Cards are a perfect example.

Designed to fit comfortably into any wallet or pocket, these cards are the same size as a regular credit card. They're made from biodegradable plastic, making them a sustainable choice that aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility

Our FND Awareness Cards are more than a product - they're a lifeline. By facilitating better communication about the cardholder's condition, they encourage understanding, compassion, and appropriate action in times of need. The Card Project UK is here to stand with you, every step of the way, on your journey with FND.

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FND Awareness Photo Medical ID Alert Card

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FND Awareness Medical ID Alert Card

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FND Awareness Mono Medical ID Alert Card

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