Horizon Bank Cosplay Credit Card - (Double sided)
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Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Horizon Bank Cosplay Credit Card

Horizon Bank Cosplay Credit Card - An Imagination Visa for Ultimate Fun!

Put the 'fun' in 'funds' with the Cosplay Credit Card from the fictional Horizon Bank! A Visa card in appearance but sadly not in function as this card won't be paying for your shopping spree. But it's bound to draw a giggle or two when you whip it out to pay for an imaginary splurge.

Customise your Horizon Bank Cosplay Visa Card with your name, a valid from date, and an expiry date on the front. On the back, it features the familiar magnetic strip and a signature strip, awaiting your autograph. Each card matches the size of a standard credit card and is made from biodegradable plastic, making it environmentally friendly while still offering the heft and feel of a real card.

This is a perfect gift for cosplay enthusiasts, novelty item collectors, or anyone with a playful sense of humour. It's an ideal prop for role-playing or just to pull out at parties for a laugh. Besides, who doesn't love the idea of having their very own 'credit card' that never runs out of credit (because, of course, it never had any to start with)?

So, if you're ready to bank on some fun, pick up your own Cosplay Credit Card from Horizon Bank. Just don't try to buy your groceries with it...

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