Seraphina Bank Cosplay Credit Card - (Double sided)
Price  £10.99
Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Seraphina Bank Cosplay Credit Card

Seraphina Bank's Cosplay Credit Card – Your Personalised Mastercard for Ultimate Fun!

Welcome to the Seraphina Bank's Cosplay Credit Card! Though it's a Mastercard in appearance, don't rush off to the shops just yet; sadly, it's not a real credit card. But what it lacks in purchasing power, it more than makes up for in fun and uniqueness.

Personalised with the holder's name, valid from date, and expiry date, this Mastercard Cosplay replica captures the essence of a real credit card. The back features the familiar magnetic strip and signature strip. Sized like a standard credit card and made from environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic, it feels just like the real deal without the monthly bills!

Why would you need one? Because it's the perfect gift for that friend who loves to immerse themselves in their cosplay characters, or for anyone who loves unique, fun accessories. It's a conversation starter, a prop for your cosplay adventures, or a quirky addition to your wallet.

Whether you're buying it for yourself or as a gift, the Cosplay Credit Card by Seraphina Bank is a novelty item that promises enjoyment and fun without breaking the bank - because, well, you can't actually go shopping with it!

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