Nonverbal Autism Awareness Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Nonverbal Autism Awareness Medical ID Alert Card

Nonverbal Autism Awareness Card, Medical ID Alert Card, Autistic Spectrum

Autism is a spectrum with diverse manifestations, and one such characteristic is nonverbal communication. Statistics show that approximately 25% to 30% of children with autism may be nonverbal. However, being nonverbal doesn't equate to lack of understanding; rather, these children may express themselves through gestures, sign language, sounds, or touch. An encouraging statistic reveals that nearly half of nonverbal children with autism eventually learn to speak, and about two-thirds can use simple phrases and language. Despite this progress, a small proportion of nonverbal children with autism may never learn to speak.

Navigating the world with autism can be a challenge, compounded by anxiety and communication difficulties. The challenges intensify when the individual cannot verbalise their feelings or needs. This is where our Nonverbal Autism Cards offer a practical and effective solution. These cards serve as a voice for the holder, enabling them to communicate their condition and needs without the stress of verbal explanation.

Each Nonverbal Autism Card is uniquely tailored, displaying the holder's name on the front and two contacts on the back. These contacts can provide immediate support in situations that become overwhelming for the cardholder, offering a safety net when it's most needed.

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