Nonverbal Autism Awareness Photo Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Product:  Nonverbal Autism Awareness Photo Medical ID Alert Card

Nonverbal Autism Awareness Medical Photo ID Alert Card

The stats tell us that around twenty five to thirty percent of autistic children are nonverbal. It doesn't mean that they don't understand what is being said but it does mean that they don't use words to communicate but instead use gestures, sign language, sounds and touch. Throwing a few more stats in here but nearly half of those who are nonverbal do learn to speak and around two thirds can speak using simple phrases and language. However, that still means that a small proportion of nonverbal autistic children, never learn to speak.

Being on the spectrum can lead to all kinds of anxiety issues, made even worse when you can't actually verbalise what is wrong. That's where these cards come in their own. The holder can simply show the card to gain some understanding from those around them which hopefully then ease any pressures on both sides.

These Autism cards are personalised to show the holders name on the front and two contacts on the rear of the card (this can be really handy to have if the situation becomes hard for the holder to have to deal with on their own.) You can personalise this card even further with a photograph of the holder on the front.

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