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Stay Protected & Planet-Friendly: Biodegradable Nuts Allergy Card by The Card Project UK Ltd

Nuts, while a nutritious snack for many, can spell danger for those with allergies. Reactions can range from mild irritations to life-threatening anaphylactic shocks.

For those sensitive to nuts, the Nuts Allergy Card by The Card Project UK Ltd is an indispensable tool. Made to seamlessly fit in any wallet, these cards are the size of your everyday credit card. They display a clear image of assorted nuts as the background and have the distinct statement, "I'm allergic to Nuts."

Made from earth-friendly, biodegradable plastic, these cards are a nod to both your personal safety and environmental care. Carrying the Nuts Allergy Card ensures you're always prepared to communicate your dietary restrictions, be it at a restaurant or a social gathering. Simple to use, but crucial for peace of mind.

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