Police Officer Photo ID Card
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Product:  Police Officer Photo ID Card

Junior Patrol: Personalised Police Officer Cards for Kids

Are you ready to make your little one feel like a real-life crime fighter? Then Introduce them to the world of peace and justice with our fun and novelty "Police Officer In Training" ID cards! Just perfect for those imaginative play sessions, where their job is to chase down naughty baddies, safeguard their precious toys, and make sure everyone follows the rules!

Every ID card has a UK police style logo designed to make your child feel super special and part of an important squad. It has their photo, name and date of birth along with a fictitious badge number.

Not only are these cards stacks of fun, but they are also kind to our planet! Made from bio-degradable material, they are a sustainable choice that teaches children about the importance of protecting our environment.

Each card is single-sided and measures exactly the same size as a real credit card, 86mm by 54mm (or 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches). It's small enough to easily slip into their pockets, yet big enough to be filled with immense pride.

So, give your child a thrill with our amazing Police Officer In Training ID card and watch their imaginations take off on an adventure of law and order!

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