Emotional Support Dog Photo ID Card
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Why Our Emotional Support Dog ID Cards Are a Must-Have for Pet Owners

Dependence and Unconditional Love

For many, an emotional support dog is not just a pet but a lifeline. The bond between the dog and its owner is deep, rooted in unconditional love and mutual respect. These dogs provide emotional stability, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Their presence can make a significant difference in daily life, offering solace in moments of emotional distress.

Separation Anxiety and the Need for Identification

Being separated from an emotional support dog can cause acute anxiety for many individuals. While carrying an Emotional Support Dog ID Card won't grant you any special legal rights, it can serve as a visual cue to others that your dog is not just a pet but serves a greater emotional purpose in your life. The card can help in explaining the significance of your dog's role, particularly in situations where you might be questioned or challenged.

The Emotional Support Dog ID Card from The Card Project UK provides a simple and effective way to identify your emotional support dog, enabling smoother interactions in public spaces. Made from durable, biodegradable plastic, this credit card-sized ID fits conveniently in your wallet.

Equality Act 2010

While the UK's Equality Act 2010 protects the rights of individuals with disabilities to use assistance dogs in public places, it does not extend these legal rights to emotional support animals. That said, having an Emotional Support Dog ID Card may encourage a more understanding and accommodating response from businesses and the public, although it doesn't provide any formal legal protections.

Assistance Dog vs Emotional Support Dog

It's important to understand the difference between an assistance dog and an emotional support dog. An assistance dog is trained to perform specific tasks that aid a person with a disability, such as guiding a visually impaired person or alerting a hearing-impaired individual to sounds. These dogs are legally recognised and are protected under the Equality Act 2010, allowing them access to public places like shops, restaurants, and public transport.

On the other hand, an emotional support dog provides therapeutic benefits through companionship and affection but is not trained to perform specific tasks related to a disability. As such, they are not covered by the Equality Act 2010.

Choose the Emotional Support Dog ID Card to make daily outings more manageable and help keep your vital emotional support companion by your side.

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