Deaf, Sign Language Awareness Mono Medical ID Alert Card - (Double sided)
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Double sided?  Yes
Product:  Deaf, Sign Language Awareness Mono Medical ID Alert Card

Empowering the Deaf with Sign Language Skills | The Card Project UK

For countless individuals grappling with hearing loss, their primary mode of communication is sign language. This form of communication, while effective, may not be universally understood, often leading to situations of misunderstanding or miscommunication. This is where a Deaf Awareness Card can make a world of difference.

The awareness card specifically denotes that the holder is deaf and uses sign language to communicate. Instead of a verbal explanation, the card can serve as a silent but informative way to let others know about their unique communication style. The card clearly highlights the need for others to communicate via sign language or seek the help of an interpreter if available.

Despite containing such important information, these cards are compact and user-friendly, perfectly fitting into a purse or wallet due to their credit card size. Personalization is key - the holder's name is inscribed on the front, and two emergency contacts are listed on the back, ensuring further support if needed. In keeping with environmental sustainability, the cards are made from biodegradable plastic.

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