Stoma Bag Travel Card
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Travel with Ease: Your Trusted Stoma Bag Travel Card

If you have a Stoma Bag, to ease any potential discomfort or embarrassment when travelling, especially at security checks in airports or other public spaces, it can be beneficial to carry a travel card. This card succinctly explains the holder's medical condition and the necessity of their stoma bag, allowing them to discreetly communicate their situation to security personnel. The card eliminates the need for elaborate explanations or awkward conversations, and can be presented prior to undergoing any physical pat-downs or scans.

This travel card is designed with convenience in mind. It is single-sided and boasts dimensions of 86mm by 54mm - identical to a standard credit card or debit card. This equates to measurements of 3.38 inches by 2.13 inches, allowing it to easily fit into a wallet or pocket. What makes it more noteworthy is its environmentally friendly design; it is crafted from biodegradable plastic. This means that even when its service life has ended, it won't contribute to landfill waste but instead decompose naturally over time.

What is a Stoma Bag?

A stoma bag, also known as an ostomy pouch, is a compact, water-resistant sac designed to accumulate bodily waste. When a part of the body, like the bowel or the bladder, cannot function properly, a surgical procedure creates an opening or 'stoma' to divert waste away. The stoma bag is then placed over this opening to collect the waste, providing a practical and hygienic solution for waste management in individuals with such medical conditions.

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