Understanding Assistance Dog Rights and the Equality Act

Know Your Rights: Assistance Dogs and the Equality Act 2010

In the UK, the Equality Act 2010 ensures everyone is treated fairly, especially when it comes to disability. One of the areas this covers is the rights of people with assistance dogs. So, why is this so important?

For many with disabilities, assistance dogs aren't just pets; they're a lifeline. These dogs offer essential support, from helping visually impaired people navigate busy streets to alerting individuals to specific medical conditions. Despite the vital role these dogs play, there are still instances where people and their assistance dogs face unnecessary barriers. This is where the Equality Act steps in. It clearly states that people with disabilities, including those with assistance dogs, should have equal access to services, places, and opportunities. Discriminating against someone because they have an assistance dog? That's a no-go under the Act.

However, there's still a challenge. While many assistance dogs wear a harness or jacket, there's no legal requirement for them to be visibly identified as assistance animals. This can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, especially when accessing services or entering certain places.

That's where The Card Project UK comes in. We've designed Assistance Dog Cards that act as a clear identifier. With details about the dog and its owner, plus a reference to the Equality Act, these cards help clear up any confusion.

1. The Single Sided Photo Card

Our Single Sided card displays a picture of your dog alongside both your name and the dog's name. It also features the message "please don't pet me, I'm working", ensuring people understand the dog's role.

2. The Double Sided Photo Card with QR Code, Magnetic and Signature Strip

Carrying similar details as the Photo Card, our Double Sided Card also boasts a magnetic and signature strip. Notably, there's a QR code which, when scanned, takes users directly to the Equality and Human Rights Commission's guide on assistance dogs.

3. Single Sided Card Without Photo

Our Single Sided card is similar to the Photo Card but omits the dog's picture. It still highlights the dog's name, your name, and the reminder for people not to pet the working dog.

4. The Single Sided Mono Card

A simple and effective option, this single sided monochrome card states your name, the dog's name, and the key message, "please don't pet me, I'm working", making sure the dog's purpose is clear.

How to get your Assistance Dog Card?

Ordering is simple. Head to our website and upload the necessary information. If you're going for the photo option, that includes a picture of your dog and of course, you'll also add your dog's name and your name. One of the best parts? You'll get to preview your card before you buy it and as we're all about speed, you can expect your card to be dispatched within 24 hours!

Assistance dogs make a world of difference in the lives of many. With the Equality Act 2010 backing their rights and The Card Project UK's Assistance Dog Cards offering clarity, it's a step towards a more inclusive society. So, if you or someone you know could benefit, why wait? Make your way to our website and get started by ordering your card today!

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