Assistance Dog ID Card
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Product:  Assistance Dog ID Card

Get Your Assistance Dog ID Card Today - Personalised, Legal Compliance, and Practicality in One!

At The Card Project UK Ltd, we understand the vital role that assistance dogs play in the lives of their handlers. That's why we've made our Assistance Dog ID Cards with the message, "Please don't pet me, I'm working!" This simple but effective reminder helps your dog focus on their job without distraction.

What makes our cards special? Each one is personalised with the handler's and dog's names, so there's never any confusion about identification. Plus, these cards aren't just a handy tool - they're a legal necessity. In accordance with The Equality Act 2010, they confirm your dog's right to accompany you in public places all across the UK. This law makes sure that both you and your assistance dog can enjoy life without unnecessary barriers, from grocery shopping to dining out to traveling on public transport.

If practicality is your priority, look no further than our Non-Photo Assistance Dog ID Cards. The same size as a credit card, they easily slip into your wallet or purse. Need it at hand? Display it with a lanyard or card clip. Order your Assistance Dog ID Card today, and give both yourself and your dog the peace of mind you deserve.

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