Double Sided ICE Card Wind - (Double sided)
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Product:  Double Sided ICE Card Wind

Double Sided In Case Of Emergency (ICE) Card with Mag and Signature Stip, Wind Design

Let us introduce you to our newest design of the Double Sided Photo ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card. This one's got a wind-themed background, a reminder of life's constant changes and how we can flow with them.

Just like your bank card, this fits easily into your wallet. It has your picture, name, address, birthday, and phone number on the front. Handy for when you're in a spot of bother and need someone else to know who you are and how to reach your loved ones.

Speaking of loved ones, we've included a spot for you to list an emergency contact. This is a person who'll be called quickly if things go south - a best mate, a family member, or anyone you trust.

On the back, there's another smaller photo of you and a note for anyone who finds the card. It asks them to send it back to the address on the front.

Why get an ICE Card, you ask? It's all about being ready for whatever life throws your way. With our wind-themed Double Sided Photo ICE Card, you can sail through life's gusts and breezes knowing that you're prepared.

Stay ready, stay safe.

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