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Discover Our Double-Sided ID Cards

Carrying an ID card can serve multiple practical purposes, from identifying oneself in a professional setting to handling everyday interactions where identification is required. At The Card Project UK, we offer a straightforward and efficient solution for those seeking a basic ID card. Our double-sided ID cards are designed for ease of use and simplicity, ensuring that anyone who needs a form of ID can obtain one without hassle.

What Are Double-Sided ID Cards?

Our double-sided ID cards are made to meet the needs of individuals who may not have an official form of identification. It’s important to note that these cards are not government-issued and, as such, may not be recognised as official documentation for proof of age or identity. However, they fill a crucial role for many seeking a basic, yet functional ID card.

The front of each card features a photograph of the cardholder, along with their name and date of birth, displayed in a clean and professional layout. This ensures that the essential information is immediately visible, helping quick identification in various situations. The rear side of the card includes a smaller version of the photograph and a space for the holder's signature. This dual-sided feature enhances the card’s utility and authenticity.

Ideal for Everyday Use

Whether you’re a freelancer needing to identify yourself to clients, a student, or simply someone who wants an extra form of ID for peace of mind, our double-sided ID cards are an excellent choice. They are especially useful for situations where a less formal form of identification will suffice.

Design and Durability

Designed to be both functional and durable, these ID cards are made from biodegradable plastic. This not only makes them an environmentally friendlier option but also ensures they stand up to daily wear and tear. The card dimensions are the standard credit card size, making them convenient to carry in any wallet or purse.

Pricing and Availability

Each double-sided ID card is priced at £10.99. This price point makes our cards an accessible option for those who require an ID but do not wish to undergo the process or expense of obtaining official government-issued identification.

Why Choose a Double-Sided ID Card?

Opting for a double-sided ID card from The Card Project UK means choosing simplicity and efficiency. Here are several reasons why our double-sided ID cards might be the right choice for you:

  • Ease of Use: With all necessary information displayed clearly, these cards are straightforward and functional.
  • Affordability: Priced at just £10.99, our ID cards offer great value for anyone needing a basic form of identification.
  • Flexibility: Useful in a variety of non-official capacities, such as proving membership in different groups or as personal identifiers in casual settings.

Alternative Options: Single-Sided ID Cards

For those who might find a double-sided ID card more than what they need, we also offer single-sided ID cards. These are available at a lower price point of £6.99 each and cater to even more basic identification needs. You can explore our single-sided ID cards here

A Look Towards Sustainability

At The Card Project UK, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our ID cards are made from biodegradable plastic, which breaks down much more quickly than traditional plastics when disposed of properly. This makes our cards a responsible choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Conclusion: A Practical Solution for Basic Identification Needs

Our double-sided ID cards provide a practical solution for anyone in need of a straightforward, basic ID card. They are perfect for those who do not require official government-issued ID but still wish to have a form of identification for personal or professional use.

Ready to Get Your ID Card?

If you’re looking for a basic ID solution, look no further than our range of double-sided ID cards. Easy to use, affordable, and designed with everyday practicality in mind, they are an excellent choice for a wide range of personal and professional identification needs. Browse our selection and purchase your card today!

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