Welcome to The Card Project UK!

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Hello!  My name is Richard and I'd like to welcome to The Card Project UK, a biodegradable plastic card printing business with a difference!  And what is the difference I hear you ask?  Well not only can I help with making the cards, I can also help with selling you the products you need to print your own.  I can even help with writing you some unique card printing software!   So whatever you are here for, I can help!  ID Cards, ICE cards, Photo Cards, Plant Training Certificate Cards, Security Passes, Membership Badges, Visitor Passes, Medical Awareness Cards, Identification Badges, Joke Cards, Gift Cards, the possibilities are endless!

So let's get started shall we?  If you want me to make the cards for you then click on WE PRINT and if you're looking to print your own cards, click on YOU PRINT and lets do this!

The Card Project UK because Every Card really is Imaginable...